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Brukon Paint Brush Product

The Paint Brush Cleaner that cleans brushes beautifully in minutes – no mess, no fuss and no power needed!


All it takes is a shake, and brushes clean themselves!

No mess, no fuss.

Who likes cleaning paint brushes? It’s the worst part of the job; incredibly messy and it takes forever to get all the paint out.

And if you don’t store your brushes correctly, they’re useless for the next job! Which means buying more brushes AGAIN.

There has to be a simpler, cheaper way. And you’ve found it.

It’s the easiest clean-up you’ll ever do.

The Brukon Brush Cleaner is a cleanup revolution. All it takes is a cupful of water or turps and a good shake, and you’ve got a completely clean brush without even touching it. Sound impossible? The secret’s surprisingly simple… Developed by a professional painter, the Brukon Brush Cleaner suspends your brush inside a specially designed container while the cleaning fluid draws the paint down the bristles, and lets the sediment settle at the bottom –away from the brush. All it takes is a shake back and forth – or left to right – to get the process started. The fluid and bristles do the rest.

The Brukon Brush Cleaner cleans brushes instantly
AND stores them indefinitely.

You don’t need power to run it, and you don’t need to wait long either: the natural process cleans brushes ready to use again in a few moments. Or in a few months. Because it’s not just a clever cleaner – it’s a smart storage container too. The sturdy rubber lid keeps brushes suspended, soft, supple and ready to use indefinitely. Your paint brushes will last longer. And they’ll actually be cleaner. And it works just as well with acrylic or enamel paints. Brilliant!

Paint Brush Cleaning container - sake it and your brush is ready

Environmentally friendly and about one cup of cleaning fluid is all you need to keep your paint brush clean. Save and recycle turpentine, spirits and water.

paint brush cleaner no mess no power needed

Simple, Clean, Effective, No Mess, No Fuss for Innovative Paintbrush Maintenance Increases your paint brush life!

portable paint brush cleaner six-pack of truck

Great for storage as the BruKon Container elevates your brush off its bristles, out of the paint sludge to prevent brush bristles from distorting.

Brukon six pack clean six paint brushes at once

Self-cleaning action saves time. Just pop each paint brush into its container.

Extend the life of your paintbrushes – and keep your hands clean!

Inside each BruKon Cleaning and Storage Container you’ll find 2 complementary BruKon CollarWashers, to stop the drips running up the brush handle and onto your hands. Whether you’re a handyman, a professional painter, a wallpaper hanger or you just use brushes a lot in your work, that’s going to save you a lot of scrubbing.



The Brukon Brush Cleaner is available as a single, in handy DIY 3 pack, or the popular Tradeys 6 pack, which sits stably in your vehicle and cleans brushes while you’re on the road. And because of our patented rubber lid design, you can leave them stored in the container for as long as you want.

Brukon is not just the worlds fastest and most economical brush cleaner: it’s a complete cleaning, storage and care system for brushes.

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