Collarwashers stop paint drips
Collarwashers Brukon Brush ContainerBrukon Collarwashers stop paint drips

CollarWashers – keep your paint brushes drip-free (pack of 8)


CollarWashers slide onto your paint brush handle to provide drip-free painting

The easiest way to keep your brush handles clean while you paint.

In the handy 8-pack

Cheap and effective, these toughened rubber CollarWashers slide down your paint brush handle and keep you and your brush clean by stopping the drips in their tracks!

They’re especially useful when you’re working on overhead jobs – when gravity is your enemy.

Brukon CollarWashers are designed to slide easily on to virtually any paint brush handle and remain there.

At around a dollar each, no paint brush – or painter –  should be without them!

Made from a specially formulated Synthetic Elastomer, CollarWashers are safe to use with oil and acrylic paints as well as regular Turps, Spirits, Water and Citrus Based Cleaners.

CollarWashers are easily installed on most paintbrush handle sizes. To fit simply lubricate the handle (with soap, oil or even turps) and with the flat side of the CollarWashers facing towards the bristles gently but firmly slide down into position. An alternative to lubricating the handle before fitting is to place the CollarWasher in hot soapy water to make it more pliable.

CollarWashers can be used separately or in conjunction with BruKon’s innovative ‘Paint Brush Cleaning & Storage System’ for perfect paintbrush maintenance.

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