63mm pro paint brush long bristles
80mm bristles - 25mm (1") longer than standard brushespro brush stainless steel ferrule63mm pro paint brush fanned bristles63mm pro brush extra long bristles63mm pro brush solid wooden handle

pure boar bristle 63mm superior quality paint brush – LIMITED STOCK


Paint like the pros with this high quality 100% boar bristle brush. Designed by a professional painter, it has extra long bristles for better paint take-up, longer smoother strokes and an effortlessly clean cutting line no matter what you’re re painting.

The stainless steel ferrule is deeper with a higher concentration of bristles and the solid pin assembly ensures you’ll get years and years of trouble free painting from this product.
• 100% pure boar bristle
• stainless steel ferrule and pins
• deeper ferrule with higher concentration of bristles
• solid timber handle won’t break
• longer bristles make cutting in and tight spots easy
• excellent paint take-up

63mm pro paint brush long bristles

paint like a pro with this 100% pure boar bristle tradesman’s brush featuring extra long bristles, solid wooden handle, deeper stainless steel ferrule and higher concentration of bristles.


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