Paint Brush Cleaning container - sake it and your brush is ready
Single pack rubber suspension lid keeps brushes soft and suppleCollarwashers stop paint dripsCollarwashers Brukon Brush ContainerSingle pack - contentsprotects and stores paint brushespaint brush cleaner no mess no power neededcontainer Dimensions

Single Pack – cleans paint brushes in two shakes – literally!


Single pack cleans paint brushes in two shakes without mess, or rinsing – or power. Stores brushes indefinitely, keeping them soft and supple until the next painting job.

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The Single Pack is the painter’s best friend – a mess-free, hands free way to clean your brush that doesn’t use power, and doesn’t cost the earth. The Brukon Brush Container cleans almost any size brush in minutes using natural ‘wicking’ action to draw cleaning fluid up into the bristles, and draw the paint down.

A smart storage solution

You can store brushes in a Brukon container for weeks, months – or until the next job. The smart design suspends the brush in the liquid and virtually eliminates evaporation, so your brush will always be soft and supple and ready to use when you reach for it again.

What’s in the Single pack?

  • 1x BruKon Brush Container
  • 1x elastomer rubber suspension lid
  • 2x CollarWashers

How does it work?

  • Ensure there is enough turps or water in the container so that it just reaches the bristle tips. About a cup is all you need.
  • Place the brush in and close the lid.
  • Shake backwards and forwards and leave to settle.
  • Your brush is now ready for next job – today, tomorrow or anytime.


Eliminates messy cleanup
Saves the environment
  • Use less turps, spirits and water
  • Minimises harmful waste
  • Recyclable PVC container
  • Effective cleaning makes your brushes last longer
Saves money
  • Increases brush life
  • Use less turps, spirits and water
Saves time
  • At the end of the session just place your brush into the container
  • The next time you want to use it just shake it and its ready
Save on turps, spirits and water
  • One cup is all you need to keep your brushes clean
  • Pour off and reuse the liquid once the paint sludge has settled
  • Let sludge dry, shake loose and tip into the bin
Increases brush life and eliminates frayed, stiff or bent bristles.
  • By elevating the brush off its bristles and out of the paint sludge
  • By preventing edge bristles from fraying due to repeated washing and drying
  • By keeping the bristles from bending during storage
  • By preventing paint form drying the bristles
CollarWasher and Drip Guard cap keep paint from dripping onto handle and hands on overhead jobs
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